Welcome to Honest Edge Ranch!

Watch this video and see what we are building in Indian Valley, Idaho.

Imagine a private 280 Acre property, with a hand built log home and state of the art bladesmithing shop, surrounded on all sides by mountains, a 360 degree panoramic stunning view and not a single neighbor in sight! Imagine a self-sufficient, self sustaining off-grid property where any wholesome pursuit is possible, AND with it’s own private runway and airplane! It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce you to the brand-new Carter Cutlery oasis “Honest Edge Ranch”!

Honest Edge Ranch will be the only facility of its kind in the world where you can fly directly to the ranch in a private plane, learn traditional Bladesmithing techniques, learn how to repeatedly put a razor sharp edge on a blade, master off-road adventure motorcycle riding, participate in 3-D archery, learn to throw knives and axes, learn how to shoot a handgun out to 100 yards and beyond, learn how to shoot a rifle past 1200 yards, bathe outside in a Japanese Hinoki hot bath surrounded by nature, stargaze under the stars with zero light noise, sleep beside a wood burning fire, enjoy the complete absence of outside life and get in touch with your soul. Also, close by is McCall, Brundage, Hell’s Canyon & more outdoor adventures than you can count. Then come home to the peace and solitude of a beautiful secure self-sufficient log home. 

The Honest Edge Ranch is a place to explore adventures and learn skills from experienced artisans that are centuries old. Build the experience of your dreams and customize your stay, contact us today to get started.

Who Am I?

I’m Murray Carter, 17th generation Yoshimoto bladesmith, and Mastersmith of the American Bladesmith Society. Over the course of my 33 year career and while pounding out close to 29,000 knives, one of the things that kept driving me forward was a big dream. Naturally, I have been largely motivated by the ancient art of bladesmithing itself,  the strong desire to satisfy my customer’s cutlery needs and to provide a stable living for my family; but there was something even larger than that guiding me forward.  My dream!

I’m guessing that to a degree, you share many of the same dreams as me: Freedom, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness! These values inevitably brought me to the United States, where I have been able to accomplish more personal life-long goals in just 15 years, then I would have been able to in a lifetime in any other country. America is truly a land of amazing opportunity!

I’ve put the plan in motion, but I need your help to complete Honest Edge Ranch and make it a reality, and I’m willing to reward you for your contributions! Help me make this a World Class Facility for you.

Now is the moment, now is the time!
I can share an amazing opportunity with you to help build Honest Edge Ranch
And reward you for your participation.

Introducing the Founding Patron Adventure Package

I’ve created this Founding Patron Adventure Package to give back to the first 50 Patrons who sign up for one week with one other guest. As one of the first Patrons, I will custom cater the “Honest Edge Ranch Adventure of a lifetime” and give you 50% discounts on all future adventure packages from today up to January 2026.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I am only offering to you because you will be helping me to turn this ranch into a World-Class Exprience!

Here’s what you get when you sign up for a 6-Day Adventure today:

You’ll become one of the few Honest Edge Ranch Founding Patrons for one single payment of $10,000! Purchase any ticket

Additional Bonus!

One-Of-A-Kind Limited Edition Hand-Forged Kitchen Knife

Here’s an extra bonus to thank you for becoming the first 50 Patrons to respond, and help me create this world-class facility. I am giving you this One-Of-A-Kind Limited Edition Hand-Forged Kitchen Knife. Forged by my own hands just for this offer, this traditional Japanese kitchen knife is forged from highly coveted Hitachi Blue Super steel, clad with 410 stainless; the only steel of its kind in all of North America. Forged in a pine charcoal fire just as Samurai sword blades are created, annealed in rice straw ashes and quenched in water; this fine blade has a Rockwell hardness of over HRC 64! The blade has a unique “HER 2020” logo and numbered 1 to 50.  The hand crafted handle has Dichrolam accents, the only handles like them to ever come out of my shop.

These Unique Knives are Valued at over $1000!

Be one of the first 50 to sign up for a 6-Day Adventure to become a Founding Patron, and this unique “HER 2020” Kitchen Knife with your personal Founding Patron number will be yours!

Once these blades are gone, there will be no more.

Remember, this opportunity is limited to the first 50 Patrons to respond. 

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