Mission Statement

I believe everyone has a specific purpose in life;  a mission, a burning drive, a calling. I am truly blessed in that I found my calling in my early twenties. I was clearly called to be a bladesmith: to forge the best knives I could and to serve others through sharing what I had learned. Eventually, with 33 years experience and almost 29,000 completed knives, I mastered bladesmithing. In time, the sharing  of knowledge with others became the most satisfying and fulfilling part of my vocation. I practiced teaching and sharing constantly, and in time I mastered those skills as well. 

Having spent over 18 years in Japan and over 33 years immersed in their language and culture, I have come to understand the importance that calm and tranquility have on our mental health. Some of my best ideas and creativity have happened right here at Honest Edge Ranch when I was alone with my thoughts, surrounded by God’s glorious creation.

Now, with the establishment of Honest Edge Ranch, I can share all of my interests, passions and knowledge with my family, friends and guests. I hope to see you out here soon, actively pursuing some new skills and taking some quiet moments as well to really contemplate on what is truly important in life. 


Murray Carter

Murray was born in 1969 in Halifax Nova Scotia. At 13 years old he was sent to King’s Edgehill School, the oldest boarding school outside of the British Commonwealth, where he learned the value of applying himself to studies. At the age of 14 he caught the travel bug and could be found on the weekends hitchhiking to different destinations around Atlantic Canada. At 16 years old, Murray traveled to Europe by himself for three weeks, broadening his international perspective. That summer, Murray was granted the opportunity to train with the Royal Canadian Airborne regiment in Edmonton, Alberta and was awarded his Canadian jump wings after nine static jumps. Upon graduating from high school at the tender age of 17, Murray was determined to travel around the world before settling down.

At 18, after hitchhiking across the North American continent, Murray landed in Japan where within one month of his stay he dislocated his left knee doing karate. The karate teacher gave him a Japanese language textbook which Murray devoured and his budding language ability opened up all the other doors in Japan. When Murray fell into a bladesmithing apprenticeship with sensei Yasuyuki Sakemoto, he was well equipped to tackle the challenge. After a six year apprenticeship, Murray was asked by master Sakemoto to take over the family business and to become the 17th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith. For 12 more years Murray would practice blade smithing in rural Kumamoto, Japan, traveling several times a year to the US and Europe for blade related trade shows, as Carter Cutlery.

In 2001, at the age of 31, Murray applied to the US Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services (now DHS) to become an “Alien of Extraordinary Ability”. Against overwhelming odds this immigration visa was awarded for the very first time in American history to an applicant based on bladesmithing credentials. In 2005 Murray immigrated with his wife and four children to Oregon.

In 2006, Murray open up Carter Cutlery to students and the sharing and teaching started. To date, through personal classes, books and videos, Murray has taught hundreds of thousands of blade and sharpening students his tips, tricks and techniques. A group of Journeymen bladesmiths who apprenticed under Murray forge knives under Carter Cutlery’s Muteki Brand. The Muteki (“Without Rival”) ranks are swelling yearly and includes Oregon’s first and only female bladesmith!

Murray dedicates his time to making knives, sharing with others, serving his family and serving God.