A one-of-A-kind retreat,

learn from experienced artisans and explore your creative and physical abilities in a beautiful setting.

Idaho’s Hidden Gem

Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

Honest Edge Ranch

A Truly Unique Experience

Honest Edge Ranch is a place to explore adventures and learn skills from experienced artisans that are centuries old. Serene accommodations in the Idaho countryside await you. Build the experience of your dreams and customize your stay. Contact us today to get started.

Knife Forging

Work shoulder to shoulder with Murray Carter, 17th generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith, forging a unique collaborative knife that will bear both your personalized mark and the coveted “Carter” stamp as well. Your razor-sharp blade is guaranteed to be the only one of its kind in the world. No previous knifemaking experience is necessary as Murray will guide you step by step through the whole process of bladesmithing, until the knife is complete and ready to cut stuff with.

Adventure Motorcycle Riding

Enjoy the never ending thrill of riding on two motorized wheels. No matter your current level of skill, Murray, who has over 100,000 miles and 33 years on various motorcycles, will pair you up with a motorcycle at your comfort level (electric trail bike, 125cc, 225cc, 450cc, 800cc or BMW 1200GS), ensure your can comfortably control the bike during basic maneuvers, and then let you progressively challenge yourself on one of our professionally designed Adventure courses, ranging from Beginner to Advanced. The skills will be life changing and the thrills will last a lifetime.

Tactical shooting

There are few things as comforting in life than to be confident in shooting and the safe handling of firearms. Murray, who is a qualified NRA Range Safety Officer, will personally review the basics with you and help you progressively improve your shooting skill set. A state of the art range with moving and dynamic targets will add an element of realism not found anywhere else.  We provide samples of every common weapon and caliber to practice with during your training. Most weapons will be shot with “suppressors” to lesson the recoil and obnoxious noise, making a perfect training environment for even those who are timid around guns. Everything is provided for guests, including ammo and safety equipment.


Murray has been a fan of archery since childhood. Let Murray pair you up with the bow of your choice (compound, recurve or English longbow, in various draw weights, or bring your own equipment) and guide you through an exhilarating and challenging multi-stage course, with short, medium, long range, and even multiple targets. This dynamic course with some unexpected targets would keep even John Rambo or Robin Hood on their toes! 

Blade throwing

If the guns run out of bullets, you run out of arrows, and you can’t make a hasty retreat on two wheels, you can always resort to throwing your blades at the target!  Enjoy the magic as time seems to stand still while you throw knives, axes and spikes at static and dynamic targets. The sight and sound of a blade “thunking” into a target will stay in your memory for a long time! 

Outdoor Japanese Bathhouse

The best for last! After 18 years of living in Japan Murray has discovered that nothing is as relaxing after a long hard day as soaking in an outdoor Japanese hot bath. Bathe in complete privacy outdoors, by first washing outside the bath and then soaking inside the spacious cypress wood bath while enjoying the tranquility of a natural sunset or gazing at the stars.  A cold tub is available as well for those guests who enjoy jumping back and forth. The bath is scrubbed clean each day and filled with new hot water.  Guaranteed to be a guest favorite!